Educating & Inspiring Screenwriters & Filmmakers Since 2010​​​​​​​ —
Beyond overseeing the content and strategy for the blog and social media, I had the opportunity to write several articles and create some graphics, as seen below. ​​​​​​​I also helped launch TSL 360 and the TSL Podcast.
Free Screenplay Library
I birthed the Free Screenplay Library which now contains thousands of free scripts and has resulted in thousands of email sign-ups. The company’s most effective free lead-gen.​​​​​​​
TSL 360
I oversaw the curation, design and management of the streaming platform TSL 360, which is hosted on
TSL Podcast
I launched and oversaw the output of this podcast with the help of Shanee Edwards who hosted and set up the interviews. A few featured episodes below.
Blog Posts
Some of these were written by me, under the name Natasha Guimond, and the rest I worked with the writers on — either accepting pitches or commissioning them, overseeing the process, then editing and publishing them. Posts were planned months ahead of time in some cases. A small sampling below.
Social Posts
Book Design

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