Women in Tech Show
#womenintech Podcast features female founders, engineers, investors and tech reporters. Mission: Empower women & inspire to show dreams are possible to achieve. Created by Espree Devora.
Women in Tech Show Video featuring Kia
Kia gave Espree a Kia Niro to drive from Los Angeles to New York City, and along the way, she interviewed women in tech across the country. Some of the interviews even happened inside the car!
Women in Tech Show Graphics
Women in Tech Show Logo
I created the Women in Tech Show logo, basing it off of the WeAreLATech logo.
The LA tech scene has come a long way from its humble beginnings rooted in family vibe backyard BBQs where everyone knew each others name, to an overwhelming calendar of events hosted in top notch venues all over the city drawing hundreds of people with many new startups launching every day. The scene has become so large and sprawled out that we want to try and bring the familiarity back. Created by Espree Devora. 
WeAreLATech.com features a Silicon Beach events calendar, podcast and jobs to discover LA startups fueling this city to become a top destination for tech.
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WeAreLATech Graphics

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