The Brand
OnGo Energy is in the energy shot business.
The Problem
OnGo Energy's competition is 5 Hour Energy, who owns 93% of the marketshare of a two billion dollar industry. How can we infiltrate such a monopolized market?
The Solution
Sleep When You're Dead — A mobile app that helps the user make the most of the time they've got left on this Earth.
There are so many things to do before you die, and most of them you should do while you're young and able. You work your ass off, so you can have a great future, but what about the present?
Sleep When You're Dead is a modern bucket list campaign. Think of it kind of like Foursquare, but instead of checking in at different places, you check in at different life events. Users submit things they want to accomplish before they die. Everyone has a personal list, and there's interest-based lists and community lists based on location (i.e. climbing Mt. Everest) for inspiration that people can easily add to their own list.
Every season there are challenges and prizes to earn — merch and free OnGo Energy.

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