The Detroit Institute of Arts is the cultural gem of Detroit. The DIA's collection is one of the top six in the United States. I collaborated with Chantel Coté on this campaign.
The Problem
During the Detroit bankruptcy, the art at the DIA was considered city assets and at risk, unless they could raise $500 million to protect it. Every piece of art belongs to the people of Detroit. And just like a soldier will never leave behind a fallen comrade, each Detroit (whether Proper or Metro) was called upon to do their part to make sure their art did not become a casualty of a heartless, financial war.
The Solution
No Art Left Behind — A 360° campaign to save the art.​​​​​​​
It started with a series of print ads that aggressively scared readers with images of empty galleries and copy that demanded a sense of urgency.
Direct mail pieces that resembled empty frames were sent right to their doorstep.
On the highways, drivers were bombarded with tortured art, including Can Gogh's self portrait hanging from concrete gallows.
Along with instructions on donating, the microsite included info on a groundbreaking event, called the anti-auction.
The anti-auction was a strolling dinner where patrons outbid each other to become sponsors for different art pieces.

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