The Brand
Motor City Denim is a brand born from an automotive textile company based in Detroit, MI, focused on handcrafted jeans made from raw denim. Collaborated on this campaign with Nevin Fisher.
The Problem
Motor City Denim claims to be the hottest denim line in the country, but their campaign is too localized and target too broad.
The Solution
Raw. Refined. A 360° campaign that focuses the target to modern day artisans with an entrepreneurial spirit.​​​​​​​
A series of print ads focused around the target and their possible activities.
Like every vehicle has a VIN, every pair of MCD jeans has a JIN (Jean Identification Number). They use Near Field Communication to store the JIN, and record amount of steps and lifetime.
Curious about where the materials in your jeans are from and who made them? Using the JIN, you unlock the app to discover these things and more. It even includes an interactive manual on how to take care of your jeans.
About Raw Denim
Raw Denim is denim in its purest form.
The indigo dye is also in its purest form since it hasn't been washed yet. Over time, after the denim is continuously worn, areas will fade that are regularly creased or rubbed. The naturally fading creates patterns that are uniquely yours. Your jeans gain a personality that reflects your own, and just like you it needs a certain amount of attention and care to reach its full potential.

The Pre-Wear Soak
Shrinkage is embarrassing in any context, so make sure you follow these steps carefully:
1. Fill your tub with 3-4 inches of hot water.
2. Put on your jeans and get in. Add more water if needed, so the jeans are completely immersed in the water. If you lack dedication, you can flip your jeans inside-out and lay them flat with something heavy on them to keep them submerged.
3. Try not to move or shake too much, otherwise you'll risk losing more indigo than you need to.
4. Wear your jeans while they dry, or hang them upside-down.

The Six Month Adventure
Keep it fresh. Sometimes crazy things happen, things you can't control. That's just the way life is. Also, you should be wearing these every day for six months straight, so you'll probably run into some hygiene issues. Don't worry! We've got you covered. The next few pages will attack these problems head on.

Blood, Because We Know You
1. Lay jeans flat and isolate the blood-stained area.
2. Soak a cloth with the coldest water you can. It is vital you do not use warm or hot water.
3. Dab (don't scrub!) the stained area until as much blood as possible is removed.
4. If denim is still stained, apply tiny amount of soap or use a stain removed pen.

Chewing Gum, Because It Happens
1. Pick off as much gum as you can.
2. Wrap an ice cube in cloth.
3. Rub the affected area and soon the frozen gum residue will simply fall off.
4. If some persistent gum won't shift, use a toothpick or butter knife to pick it off.

Odor, Because We Know You Work Hard And Play Hard
1. Lay your jeans flat, brush them off and empty the pockets.
2. Fold carefully and compactly place jeans in a plastic bag.
3. Place them in the freezer.
4. Leave for several hours to kill the bacteria.
5. Removed from freezer and enjoy your fresh-smelling jeans.

The First Wash
You've made it six months! Now you can really take care of business.
1. Fill your tub with 3-4 inches of cool to lukewarm water.
2. Mix in a small amount of washing powder, preferably something to help lock-in dark colors. Don't use bleach or regular soap.
3. Lay your jeans inside-out and flat in the tub, using heavy objects to keep them submerged.
4. Let soak for 45 minutes.
5. Rinse in cool water to remove detergent.
6. Remove from water and hang upside-down to dry. Do this in the sunlight if possible!

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